15th July: Womens 10-a-side Results

July 16, 2023

SATURDAY, 15th JULY, 2023
ROUNDS 20 & 21

WOMEN’S 10-a-side

Avoca Beach               27        Terrigal            5
Hornsby                      51        Woy Woy        0
Razorbacks                 74        Warnervale      0

The Lakes                   26        Avoca Beach   17
Terrigal                        67        Woy Woy        7
Hornsby                      40        Warnervale      5

​Yesterday saw a series of women’s matches that witnessed some very interesting results. These matches were Rounds 21 and 22 and the matches took precedence on a day where there were no men’s matches because of the scheduled wet weather round for them.
A feature of the day was the Avoca Beach victory over Terrigal. However, The Lakes then defeated Avoca Beach in a result that has more or less secured The Lakes a Finals position. Hornsby won both their matches on the day and these two results have greatly increased their chances of making the Finals. It seems it is a race between the Razorbacks, Hornsby and Warnervale for that fourth spot.
In the meanwhile, Terrigal have retained their first position on the competition ladder despite their loss to Avoca Beach but their victory over Woy Woy later in the day kept them in top spot.
It certainly makes for a very exciting final 6 rounds in the competition.