October 2, 2020

Preliminay Final                  Woy Woy Oval                  3rd OCTOBER

PREMIER 1                  Ourimbah     v.       The Lakes                3.15 pm

WOMEN’S 10’s              Hornsby      v.       Avoca Beach            2.25 pm

PREMIER 2                     Terrigal       v.       Avoca Beach         12.40 pm

PRESIDENT’S CUP       The Lakes    v.       Terrigal                  11.00 am

UNDER 19’s          The Lakes Maroon  v. The Lakes Yellow         9.30 am

– only people with an official pass will be granted entry to Woy Woy Oval
– all passes will be collected at the gate on arrival, no pass = no entry
– there will be no passouts (for those involved in multiple teams, re-entry will require you to have a second pass)
– there will be no canteen in operation so please be prepared with your own food & drink (remember no pass outs)
– do not bring any alcohol into the ground (including any after match drinks for teams)
– do not come to the Woy Woy Oval vicinity if you do not have a pass. Speak to your Rugby Club for any possible arrangements they have made to view the games via the Live Stream provided to you on the CCRU YouTube channel (link is on our website).

– please discourage use of changerooms and if used, please keep changerooms tidy and sanitised at all times
– do not bring any alcohol
– remember to register as you arrive at the ground via the QR code or paper COVID register provided
– while in the ground, please observe all COVID-19 guidelines including social distancing and sitting down, no roaming around the grandstand or grassed areas is permitted
– please ensure you follow social distancing guidelines within Woy Woy Oval & wash your hands regularly
– no team bus travel to the ground is permitted
We know this is not a fun Facebook post, but you need to know the info! We’d love to be able to let you all in to watch the Finals for many reasons, but the current NSW Public Health Order doesn’t allow it, so please enjoy the rugby this weekend wherever you can, but sadly not at WWO without a pass.